Workers Compensation Insurance in Ohio: Is it Required?

In Ohio, any business that employs two or more people must have workers’ compensation coverage. Corporate officers are considered employees by the state unless they volunteer for a nonprofit. Other exceptions apply to Ohio’s definition of employee. Domestic workers, such as cooks and gardeners, who earn less that $160 per month are included. The majority of volunteers don’t require coverage.

workers compensation insurance in Ohio helps you if your employees suffer from a work-related illness or injury. Workers compensation benefits can include:

  • Medical bills are paid for
  • Recovering lost wages
  • If they die from an injury or illness at work, cover funeral expenses

Ohio State Workers Compensation Insurance

Are you self-employed and do you need to be covered by workers compensation?

A sole proprietor, or a member of a partnership is required to carry workers compensation insurance in Ohio coverage for all employees. However, it is optional that owners purchase insurance. It’s still wise to purchase coverage for yourself. Personal health insurance policies often do not cover injuries sustained at work. Workers compensation also covers a portion of your lost wages while you recover, which can be a significant loss if you are sidelined for a long time.

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Workers Compensation Insurance Cost Ohio

Who is eligible for workers compensation insurance in Ohio?

In Ohio, any business employing even one employee from Columbus up to Cincinnati must have workers compensation insurance in Ohio.

Employers must correctly classify employees and independent contractors . The worker will be considered an employee if the employer controls the working hours, the materials, the travel routes and the quality of the work.

Domestic workers such as babysitters and gardeners who earn less that $160 per quarter are exempt. The employer must have workers compensation coverage if the worker earns more than $160 per calendar quarter. Volunteers are also extra coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance Cost Ohio

Largest workers compensation insurance companies

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Workers compensation insurance  in Ohio is essential for protecting both employees and employers in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. InsureDirect stands out as a trusted provider, offering robust coverage that supports injured workers and shields businesses from financial strain. With InsureDirect, businesses can feel confident our workforce is safeguarded, creating a safer and more secure work environment. Our customized insurance solutions not only comply with legal requirements but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to employee health and business stability.