In the past 160 years, life has become much more complex. Unlike in the past, where wrongs were settled by neighbors, today, they are often resolved through court and with hefty settlements. Recent awards include $1.1 million for a dog bite, as well as $21 million in a DUI accident and $3.5 millions for internet defamation. What would you do if you were to be sued for such a high amount?

Gilbert’s Risk Solutions likes to dispel a myth that is often repeated: Umbrella insurance PA policies are for the wealthy only. It’s true, umbrella insurance is a good way to protect assets for those with means. However, it can be a valuable tool for anyone. You think you have nothing of value? You could be at risk if you have a nest-egg for retirement or wages that can be garnished.

In Pennsylvania umbrella insurance is an extra layer of protection over and above the home or auto insurance. Your primary insurance pays first if a third-party suffers an injury or damages property due to your negligence. The umbrella will kick in if the damage exceeds primary coverage.

A umbrella liability policy for personal use is an important and affordable part of any insurance portfolio. Liability insurance coverage is more important than property insurance because settlements and restitutions are on the rise. It is hard to predict the severity of potential liability claims or the amount that people will sue for. This makes purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy a compelling decision. A liability limit that is higher than the value of personal assets can be a good place to start when determining how much insurance you need. It is not wise to liquidate assets you and your family worked hard to acquire in order pay liability claims. This can affect future generations.

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InsureDirect offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, and umbrella insurance. You can easily get quotes for these insurance types through their user-friendly website or by contacting them directly.

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InsureDirect provides comprehensive coverage options that include protection against theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. You can compare rates and find the best deals through their site​.

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Home Insurance

Their policies cover various home-related risks, ensuring your property is protected from potential damages and liabilities​

Umbrella Insurance

This policy offers additional liability coverage that goes beyond the limits of your standard auto or home insurance, providing extra protection against large claims and lawsuits​.

For instant quotes, visit InsureDirect website at or contact our customer service at (800) 807-0762​. This site also allows you to compare different insurance products to find the best fit for your needs.

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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance PA, also known as Personal umbrella policy, can protect your assets in the event of an unexpected incident that may require more coverage than your property or vehicle policies. A personal umbrella policy adds an extra layer of protection to your existing policies.

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Affordable Umbrella Insurance, Customize For You

What is umbrella insurance PA, first of all? Umbrella insurance (also known as personal liability insurance) provides extra protection over and above your auto or home insurance. If your auto or home limits are not enough, an umbrella policy will kick-in.

You may be asking, but do I need umbrella insurance PA state? You probably do. Every little bit helps if you have assets like a car, home or other property that you wish to protect.

Umbrella Insurance Agencies

Umbrella insurance agencies, like InsureDirect, can provide several benefits to individuals and businesses: