As a PA you put in a lot of effort to your career, and also the treatment and care of your patients. A malpractice suit or disciplinary action can have unanticipated consequences for your career as well as financial security. You may have professional Liability insurance PA through your employer. However, it may be limited and not fully protect you. Owning your own professional liability insurance, which is designed to protect your interests, is the most effective way to manage your personal risks. This is where Proliability (professional liability insurance PA) can help. With affordable premiums*, we offer coverage that allows you to focus on your patient.

Professional Liability Insurance in Pennsylvania

The professional liability insurance in Pennsylvania, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, protects small businesses against lawsuits from clients over poor work. It’s not required by Pennsylvania law but is strongly recommended.

Does Pennsylvania require professional liability insurance?

Pennsylvania law doesn’t Pittsburgh may require that businesses have liability insurance. This coverage may be required to get a job, sign a contract or obtain a license.

Who is required to carry professional liability coverage in Pennsylvania?

A business that offers a expert service, or provides expert advice, should have professional liability insurance. This is because a client may sue you if the service or advice caused an accident. Even a frivolous suit can cost a lot of money, whether it’s in attorney’s costs (professional liability insurance PA), court costs or settlement.

How does professional liability work?

Let’s examine some real-life examples. Professional liability insurance PA can help many different types of business. Imagine you are a project manager. You forget to inform your client of the necessary sign-offs, causing delays and increased costs. You could be a massage therapist, and your client claims that you damaged tissue. This is just a small sample of situations where professional liability insurance can help. For a more comprehensive coverage, many people pair it up with General Liability Insurance.

If your business:

  • Professional service
  • Clients should receive regular professional advice
  • Service contract with your customers

Choose insure Direct for your PA Business Insurance Needs

Pennsylvania is home to many small businesses. Small businesses are an important part of Pennsylvania. There are over 1.1 million in the state. 1 In order to protect their companies, owners of small businesses will need business insurance. Get a quote to learn more about small business insurance.

Pennsylvania Business Insurance Types

Business liability insurance (also known as general liability insurance) provides broad coverage to protect your business against claims that may arise from:

  • Damage to personal property
  • Reputational harm
  • Bodily Injury
  • Advertising errors
  • Libel and slander are examples of personal injury

This policy can be purchased separately or in conjunction with our Business Owners’ Policy. It can help cover certain expenses, like if your:

  • The client leaves you their personal property and it is damaged. They sue to replace the property.
  • You are accused by a competitor of violating their copyrights when you advertise your product. They decide to sue you.
  • A customer is injured in your restaurant and requires medical attention. They ask you to cover their medical costs later.
  • You should also be aware that your customers may file a claim against you even if there is nothing you can do.

What Can Notary E&O Insurance PA Do for You?

A notary who notarized a fraudulent deed was sued for $99,000. He did not properly identify the client. The notary had not purchased Notary E and O Insurance Pa (professional liability insurance PA) and was forced to borrow money to cover his mistake.

Notary E&O Insurance protects the notary in the event of a mistake made while performing the notarial duties.