New Jersey has 908,000 small business owners who employ nearly 1.8 million New Jersey citizens. You need the right insurance if you own a small company in the Garden State. What does this look like? What are you required to do? This article will discuss the insurance requirements in New Jersey as well as additional policies that you may want to consider for your business.

What insurance is required in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s Department of Labor Workforce Development requires all businesses with at least one employee to carry workers compensation insurance. You can be charged hefty fines if you fail to comply ($5,000 per 10-day period that you do not have coverage). New Jersey’s state law does not require small businesses to have insurance other than workers’ compensation. What is workers’ compensation exactly?

What insurance is required in New Jersey

New Jersey Commercial Insurance Requirements

New Jerseys state law only requires workers compensation insurance. Businesses with one or more employees may be able to get insurance through a private insurer or become self-insured. You may need to purchase other business insurance policies, such as general liability or BOP, before you enter into a contract with an upcoming client or landlord. The contracts you sign with these companies will specify what coverage and limits you need to carry.

Property Insurance in New Jersey,

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Commercial Life Insurance Company New Jersey

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Commercial Insurance New Jersey Quote

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