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Ohio Umbrella Insurance

Ohio Umbrella Insurance offers an additional layer of coverage in the event of a catastrophic accident or catastrophe that is more expensive than your existing coverage. After the liability coverage of your Auto Insurance or Homeowners Insurance has been exhausted, you could be responsible for additional legal costs, property damage costs, medical expenses for personal injury or death claims. Serious injuries can result in high medical costs, along with payments for pain and suffering, lost income, and other expenses. Death claims include funeral and burial costs, as well as survivor’s expenses.

Are you covered if the worst happens?

Umbrella Insurance in Ohio kicks in once you have exhausted your liability limits on Homeowners Insurance or Auto Insurance. Once you reach the liability limits of your underlying policy, Ohio umbrella insurance provides extra protection. This policy also covers gaps in coverage and some items that aren’t covered by your primary policies such as libel.

In certain situations, Ohio umbrella insurance is a good and inexpensive option to protect you from risk. Some examples:

  • Enjoy entertaining at home often
  • Have an aggressive dog
  • Have a trampoline or swimming pool on your property
  • Regularly drive in a carpool
  • are a landlord.

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

You can get the best advice for free by purchasing an umbrella with your auto insurance policy. We could go on a vacation for a whole month if I had a dollar for every time my clients’ insurance was not adequate to cover their losses in an automobile accident. This extra coverage covers you, your family and/or anyone who uses your vehicle under your permission. It does not matter if they were at fault or not. The annual premiums for umbrella policies are usually several hundred dollars. This is a fantastic deal!

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Umbrella Insurance Cost

It is often assumed that an umbrella policy is expensive given the high liability limits; however, in actuality, they are quite affordable especially for the amount of coverage they provide. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a $1 million umbrella policy ranges from $150 to $300 per year, which can rise by $50 to $75 per year for each additional $1 million coverage increase. The affordable rates are due to the fact that the umbrella coverage would only be used once you have exhausted your coverage limits on your auto or homeowner’s policies.

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Now that you understand the benefits of umbrella insurance and how affordable it can be, reach out to one of our experienced agents to take the next step towards protecting your financial future. Request an umbrella insurance Ohio quote online or over the phone by calling.

Umbrella Insurance Quote

Umbrella Insurance Quote

Affordable umbrella insurance Quote, Customize for You

What is Ohio umbrella insurance, first of all? Umbrella insurance (also known as personal liability insurance) provides extra protection over and above your auto, home, or life insurance policies. If your auto or home limits are not enough, an umbrella policy will kick-in.

You may be asking, but do I need umbrella insurance? You probably do. Every little bit helps if you have assets like a car, home, or other property that you wish to protect.

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