Liquor Liability Insurance Texas

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liquor liability insurance texas;

The risks involved if you run a business in Texas that sells, distributes or serves alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause conflicts between customers or impaired judgement that may result in accidents, property damage, bodily injury, etc. Some customers will try to blame the person who sold them alcohol. To cover such situations, you will need to purchase a Liquor Liability Insurance in Texas Policy through Quote Texas Insurance.

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What businesses must carry liquor liability insurance Texas?

Texas is one of only a few states to not require liquor liability insurance in order to legally serve/sell alcohol. However, most businesses who sell/serve liquor should still carry it.

A business that does not insure against alcohol-related events can be exposed to significant risks. Think of the many lawsuits that can result from an altercation between two drunken customers.

  • Two intoxicated clients could sue each other for allowing them to get too drunk.
  • A person nearby may try to leave the conflict, but trip and be injured.
  • Bystanders may sue for psychological injury.

It can be costly to defend against lawsuits even if you are not found responsible. The cost of paying settlements will only increase (by a great deal).

What is E&O Insurance in texas? Why does your agency require E&O insurance?

The professional liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O), will cover your business if a client claims your agency is negligent or insufficient (Liquor Liability Insurance Texas). E&O insurance in Texas policies come in a variety of types, costs, and coverage options. IIAT can help your agency find E&O coverage that is affordable and customizable. Request a quote today.

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance Texas?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are around 3.1 million small businesses in Texas and these small businesses makeup 99.8% of all businesses within the state. Small businesses that provide professional services or give advice to clients should consider purchasing Errors and Omissions insurance in Texas.

Errors and Omissions insurance Texas is commonly known as professional liability insurance. This is a special type of insurance policy that protects you and your company against third party lawsuits as a result of a professional error or negligence. Even if you have years of experience in the industry, there is still a chance that you might make a mistake in your professional capacity. And this error could have a big financial impact on your business.

Cost of Liquor Liability Insurance Texas

Premiums for policies covering liquor liability vary. Costs are affected by a business’s annual sales, the number of beverages it sells, and its past claims. The cost of coverage is usually affordable and less expensive than a major accident.

Independent insurance agents can provide customized quotes for businesses to determine the cost of coverage. Independent agents don’t have any ties to one particular insurance company and can therefore recommend the best policy, regardless of who underwrites it. They can also help compare quotes on policies that have only one coverage and package policies with liquor liability insurance Texas.