If a vehicle owned by a business is involved in an auto accident, commercial auto insurance will cover legal fees and expenses. All commercial vehicles are required to have this insurance in Pennsylvania.

Who in Pennsylvania needs commercial auto insurance?

Pennsylvania companies that use vehicles for business must be insured. Commercial Auto Insurance PA is for vehicles that are owned by the business. Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance covers personal vehicles, and rented and leased cars used by the business.

You are covered by your personal auto policy when you drive to and from the office, but not when you make deliveries or pick up supplies. A policy for business auto would cover your vehicle and you in the event of an accident while on a job-related task.

Why is commercial vehicle insurance important?

Commercial auto insurance PA could put your business in financial and legal danger. All vehicles in Pennsylvania are required to have auto liability insurance.

You could be facing a costly lawsuit or settlement if one of your vehicles is at fault. You would likely be required to pay for damages to the other vehicle, property, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

What does PA commercial auto insurance cover?

Commercial auto insurance PA is necessary to protect you and your employees if you rely on company vehicles for your business. Commercial auto insurance policies in PA typically include coverages such as:

  • Bodily Injuries Liability Insurance pays for the medical bills of another driver if you, or one of your staff members, cause an accident.
  • Property damage liability insurance coverage covers damages that you or employees may cause to another’s property.
  • The Drive Other Car coverage covers the executive officers of your business and their spouses who drive vehicles not covered by your commercial auto policy.
  • Collision Insurance pays to repair or replace the car of your business if it is damaged by something like another vehicle or pole.
  • Comprehensive Coverage helps pay for damage caused by theft, natural disasters or fire.
commercial auto insurance in Pennsylvania

What is the cost of commercial auto insurance in Pennsylvania?

The cost of your commercial auto insurance in Pennsylvania is determined by your industry, and the type of vehicles you operate. Other factors can also affect the price of your auto insurance, such as:

  • What type of business do you run?
  • What type of vehicle does your employee drive?
  • Your employees’ driving records
  • Typical travel radius driven
  • The type of cargo that the vehicle carries
  • Your company’s location

High Risk Commercial Auto Insurance

You may be able to assume liability for company drivers who are engaged in certain business activities through your commercial auto policy. You can have your company drivers’ personal driving records affect your commercial auto insurance rates and your ability to conduct business, regardless of whether they are insured to drive company cars or their own vehicles under your commercial policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance PA providers may set motor vehicle records standards for drivers covered under your policy. It can lead to coverage being denied or your policy being classified as high-risk commercial car insurance. This usually results in higher rates.

Understanding how insurance companies assess driver risk is important for protecting your business and reducing expenses. Understanding how insurance companies assess risky drivers will help you to reduce your business’s risk profile. You can implement procedures to exclude drivers with high risk from your policy.

Commercial Truck Insurance PA

Understanding Pennsylvania Commercial Truck Insurance PA

Commercial trucks are an integral part of the service delivery strategy for your business, but they also expose you to liability. Pennsylvania truck insurance can protect you against financial catastrophes that may result from accidents, injuries, cargo loss, property damage, or other claims.

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Commercial Insurance PA

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Commercial Insurance PA

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